GitHub Integration

Azure & GitHub Integration

With this integration, you can easily create and publish bug reports directly from TestBuddy to your Azure project board, ensuring that all stakeholders are kept informed of the latest issues. Additionally, any updates or changes made to bugs in TestBuddy will automatically sync with your GitHub repository, keeping your development team aligned and up-to-date on the status of each bug.

Jira & Slack Integration

Jira & Slack Integration for automatic generation of Jira tickets for identified bugs with TestBuddy and instant bug notifications in Slack channels for immediate action, ensuring seamless synchronization between Jira and Slack.

Jira & Slack
GitLab Integration

ClickUp & GitLab Integration

Integrate GitLab and ClickUp with TestBuddy to report bugs efficiently. Follow steps to connect accounts, then report bugs directly to GitLab and ClickUp channels. This integration enhances collaboration and improves bug tracking for teams.

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