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Bug Reporting

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Bug Reporting

Reproduction Steps: Simplify Debugging

TestBuddy utilises AI to automatically generate detailed steps to reproduce bugs captured through screenshots, screen recordings, or instant replays. This eliminates the manual effort and time required for testers to write out reproduction steps. TestBuddy allows testers to focus more on identifying and resolving bugs rather than documentation.

Re-live Bugs Instantly with Instant Replay

It Operates by running silently in the background once user enables it while testing any web application. It continuously captures the entire testing session, recording every interaction and action performed by the user within the web app environment.

Instant Replay

Capture, Annotate, Communicate With Screenshot

Screenshot feature allows users to take screenshots of bug pages and annotate them to highlight specific areas of concern. Users have the flexibility to select colours, draw shapes like rectangles or circles, and add arrows to pinpoint the exact location of the bug or issue within the screenshot.

Capture Every Bug Detail With Screen Recording

It allows users to capture bugs in real-time with audio commentary and live video feed from their webcam. By granting access to camera and microphone, Users can provide detailed explanations. Annotating directly on the screen highlights bug areas effectively.

Screen Recording
Technical Logs

In-depth Insights With Technical Logs

TestBuddy captures essential bug-related data, including general info, console logs, and network logs, after users  capture bugs. These logs provide developers with valuable insights to debug issues effectively. By streamlining the  debugging process, TestBuddy ensures quicker bug resolution and enhances product quality.


Seamless Integration with Your
Preferred Tools

Enjoy effortless tool integration that aligns with your workflow. Instantly
create tickets in your selected issue tracker as you report bugs


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