Bug Narration and Screen Annotation: Streamline Bug Fixing and Slash Time by 60%

A Chrome extension that streamlines bug tracking, reporting, and monitoring in software development projects, providing efficient assistance in capturing and managing bugs.

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How it works?

Testbuddy streamlines the task of monitoring and overseeing product defects by automating the process, while also seamlessly integrating updates with the project management tool.



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Event and Network Tab Functionality These functionalities enhance the bug reporting and troubleshooting process by providing comprehensive insights into events and network activities associated with reported bugs, providing a more intuitive and efficient way to navigate and interact with the software.

Screen Recording

Testbuddy captures bugs and visualizes requirements with video and seamlessly uploads them. It's the fastest and easiest way to document bugs.

Console Logs

Upon enabling this feature, all bug reports and feedback will include detailed Client-side JavaScript errors and logs.


Testbuddy Allows you to attach screenshots with voice-over to your bug reports. Make your bug snaps more clear by adding comments.

Tracking Status

Once a defect has been identified and recorded, TestBuddy keeps track of it until it is finally resolved.

Reduce friction between your Development and QA team

Testbuddy revolutionises the QA process by seamlessly creating magical experiences

For QA

Explain and narrate visually

Show developers exactly what happened when it went wrong.

Screencast & narrate
Add Annotations to Screenshots
Interactive Screen Annotations

For Developers

One-Click Context Capture

Comprehensive Session Capture

Actionable Bug Reports
Real-Time Collaboration
Improved Communication


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Members are loving TestBuddy

TestBuddy has replaced all the bug-capturing products we used to use as part of our development process. It's easy to use and extremely useful for our engineers.

Sarat Chandra

CEO, Arraign Technology

TestBuddy helps us log bugs consistently and quickly and provides our development team with more information.

Karan Agrawal

Product Manager, DeUS Tech

As a tester involved in headless automation, TestBuddy reports make the bug-reporting process so much easier for our business analysts and non-technical staff.

Nerte Gronw


TestBuddy significantly reduces misunderstandings between developers and QA engineers. It's screen recording contains the entire necessary context for solving any issue.

Jordi Santiago


I want to say that I love your product. I found it easy to use and a great tool for what I do (manual testing). I wish your company nothing but the best.

Maria Illescas


Not only have I not experienced any pain points, but it's almost fun to use such a well-designed product that lets me get to work and get my job done efficiently.


CEO, Infisuite

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